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Better stay for better work
      There is an old short story in ancient China called Mencius’ Mother Three Times.
 Three times from the Sacrificed, to bazaar neighboring, at last staying near the
private school. And here comes the essence today --- What an importance the
environment can influence. Just like the idiom that he that lies down with   dogs must
rise up with flea, or frankness near Melbourne black. 

      There were many researchers mentioning that a good and comfortable
atmosphere can always make man feel released and joyful. Not only for life,
but your work atmosphere, it will affect you anytime even without you noticing at all.
There are so many factors that affect you or addict you that all of the these factor
reach to common that a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere is so vital for all of us.

     KDH Autoparts, our company has been built for nearly thirty years and we never
stop working on improving our employ’s profit and neighborhood feeling.

    We accomplish many green plants in order to practice the idea that green living.
Nothing could be better to see green when we get tired from work as we could see
vitality of life. Here is the working condition surrounded with green plants and Basin
of picking. I once heard the sound of birds. It feels released.

   Right the moment as the Osmanthus fragrans entering into the flowing time. So you
can think about the feeling that surrounded with sweet scent of osmanthus. Yes,
nothing could be better.  

     Besides the comfortable working condition we have built an sightseeing elevator
that help our clients and employees to enjoy the scenery freely and be released.
Besides the elevator there is a tree called Huanghuali Tree. We all know Huanghuali
Wood but seldom know the Tree. It has a great enlightenment to us that work hard
and be patient before you get popular and vogue. Yes, no one can accomplish
succes without a great effort.

      We have built a good reputation through these year’s effort and we have
accomplished a large amount of customers from different countries. We have
collected nearly every country’s flag hanging under the ceiling to represent our
intention to welcome our clients to visit here. That feels good. 

     Beside this, we have developed into more comprehensive and systematic. A big
show room with classified shelves, we never stop to make the situation much better.
Each time when the clients visit us, the show room and the warehouse are always
preferred more. They can just walk around just as walking around the supermarket,
you are the master that you have power to make the final decision. That feel s good.

    KDH has seen thirty years’ passing and seen the improvement and innovation as
time goes by. Well we are still working on that. Never stop, never to say give up. 

   Here is KDH. It deserves. Do believe you’ll like here. we will be waiting for you.