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KDH Autoparts_2018 Shanghai Automechanika

      As the second largest exhibition for car accessories in the world, Shanghai
Automechanika has been successfully been held at Nov.28th to Dec. 1st. It is located
in National Exhibition Centre in Shanghai and have attracted many clients around the
world. No matter the region, the skin color, the language or the religion.

    It ranges from Parts and Components, Accessories and Modifications, Repair and
Maintenance, and other car accessories, etc.

   KDH Autoparts_ Booth:  7.1 H10

      KDH Autoparts has been founded more than twenty years and we are always
working on this area without a slack. Through the years’ effort, we have developed
into the mode of integrating the manufacturing and trading together.

    Suspension System, Steering System, Brake System, Engine Group Parts, Vehicle
Accessories System, etc. Actually we have stepped into the advanced levels of the
same profession through the tens of years’ effort.And we are still making enhancements.

   The theme of this exhibition is that as followings: New era, Shared Future.

      As the trend of current economical development, shared economy has been the
inevitable tendency that has standed the test. No one could survive anymore without
cooperation under nowadays situation. Sharing with others has been the best choice
for all of us.
    The theme definitely suits the general trend of nowadays economy. We kindly get the
visitors to get more details of our products. As your knowledge would never reduce or
vanish if you share it with others. Well on the contrary, it may consolidate and improve
to a new level.
    Besides work, we have got a visit in Shanghai.
    How could we let off such a rare opportunity to walk around! As the most important
part of our company, we would never let our employees down. Not only in the
company but also when we get out. It’s always the boon time for us to satisfy ourselves
with whatever what we like when the exhibition closed in the evening. Pan fried pork bun,
the Bund, the Oriental Pearl Towel, etc. Every scenery is beneath our pace. Nothing
could be better.

    If you are interesting in our products, please let me know

phone number:+86 139 2210 2432
Wechat: KDH13922102432

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Wechat: KDH139 28837446